Who we support

Organisations doing a world of good in Africa!

We support a variety of grass roots organisations based in Africa. These organisations work to instigate change at ground level through their work with African families and communities. The organisations we support include:

The Philakahle Wellbeing Centre

A wellbeing centre in South Africa with a valuable Home Based Carer program.

> Find out more about the Philakahle Wellbeing Centre

The Zamimpilo Training Centre

A training centre that holds vital Lifeskills Workshops.

> Find out more about the Zamimpilo Training Centre

The Springs of Kartartismos Africa (SOKA)

An Christian based organisation in Kenya focused on vulnerable children and orphans.

> Find out more about SOKA

Tabitha Ministries

An organisation based in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa that provides care for adults and children, with a major focus on orphaned and vulnerable children.

> Find out more about Tabitha Ministries