The Transforming Story of Thembelani Oscar Nyembe

There is a boy from Acton Homes by the name of Thembelani Oscar Nyembe. He was born in Loskop the village under Estcourt on 27 May 1992.

In 2000 his father died when he was 8 years doing grade 2. In 2004 his mother also died when he was doing grade 6. After the death of his parents he was taken by his grandmother who was staying at Acton Homes. During this time “I was hopeless, I was going to school for the sake of going to school. I was not performing well at school because I did not have the purpose and no vision for my future. There was no future for me; there is no one to take me to the tertiary level.

Value Based Life Skills found me when I was hopeless and wishing to die also like my parents. Things started to change in my life when VBLS came in our village. The lessons I got, brought back hope that I had lost because of the death of my parents. I was told that I am valuable no matter what; I am special and unique, choosing what I plant in the garden of my life, having the vision and also choosing the good friends to mention just the few lessons”.

“Before this time I was doing badly at school. I was passing but with unimpressive results. I started to work hard because the hope is now back. In 2009 I was in top 10 getting position 7 to be precise. My association with VBLS taught me how to choose good friends who were going to contribute positively to my vision.

At school there was a task team that was chosen. The team consisted of the well performing children and I was not chosen because at that time I was not doing well. I worked hard and I ended up being chosen to be part of the task team, this is because of my hard work inspired by VBLS. The VBLS team kept on telling us that they are available for any help that I might need, that made me to be certain that even though I have on parents but there are people that are caring about me and are willing to help.

During the VBLS workshops, we are given the chance to show case our talents. That platform helped me to get rid of my shyness and try by all means to do all that other people are doing.

When I got into the university the VBLS lessons came back. I did not know anyone in the university. But I have been taught how to choose good friends and to have the vision. The choice of friends that I made helped me to do well in my studies. I have never failed a subject in the university. I am playing many sports like golf and cricket which are my favourite”.

Thembelani says he does not feel that he is an orphan anymore. He is looking to the future of his success. “I do not feel the spirit of being an orphan now”. Something terrible happened in his life when he lost his grandmother in the beginning of 2013. “This grandmother is the one who took me when I had lost my parents. It was difficult for me. I did not think I could pass but I did”.

Thembelani’s wish is “that VBLS would continue to help many young people”. He is willing to help grade 12 with mathematics. He is also willing to contribute even financially to the VBLS to continue to help more people. He is determined to break the cycle of poverty in his home.

He wants to help his siblings to get better education. He wishes to renovate his home. Thembelani has made wonders since he started studying at University. Here are his results for 2013 – Communication 60 P, Survey 87 PD, Legal Principles 62 P, Management 65 P, Photogametry 72 P, Statistics 92 PD

We are hoping there will be many people who will be like Thembelani.