Springs of Kartartismos Africa (SOKA)

SOKA is a Non Government Organization whose objectives are to empower people and their communities in Kenya to be mature, well functioning and self sufficient in all areas of life – Spiritual; Social; Economic; Environmental; Physical and Psychological and to develop quality leadership that is crucial for continuity and quality development of such.

SOKA aims to conduct programs that will enhance the holistic growth of various age-groups; social groups, seminars, community development projects, training workshops, retreats, rallies, leadership training, conferences, camps, and to establish capacity building in their community to curb poverty, agro-ecological dilapidation, and any other social-cultural-economic issues that continue to threaten holistic growth.

African AIDS Foundation has supported an Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s Project since June 2010 in Ruaka under the auspice of SOKA. The project aims to educate 9,000 young people over a 3-year period about HIV/AIDS prevention, establish kitchen gardens, provide family planning and train young leaders to coordinate a peer support program. This project also reaches out to slum people in the rural town of Nyeri, about five hours north of Nairobi.

SOKA is governed by a Board of Directors and provides regular project reports and annual audited financial reports to African AIDS Foundation.