AAF Current Projects



Value Based Life Skills
AAF works to identify orphans and vulnerable children affected by AIDS and provides these children with essential life skills and establishes ongoing curriculum. Our VBLS programs improve self esteem, and educate the children on their right to live free from abuse and exploitation.

Garden Projects
Those taking AIDS & TB medications suffer from many side effects that can be  dramatically reduced through access to fresh vegetables. Our garden projects provide education and seeds allowing communities to maintain their own sustainable gardens enabling them to ‘help themselves’ through  both nutrition and self sufficient income.

Increasing awareness is still among the most effective programs when tackling HIV/TB in Africa. AAF works closely with community leaders to ensure each community member understands their HIV/TB status and encourages medication compliance. Through AAF, those living with HIV/TB can be provided access to transport as needed for treatment.

School Partnerships
Building partnerships between local Australian Schools and Rural South African Schools, AAF works with partner schools in various ways. Currently we are working to construct secure buildings for School libraries across SA, and organising intern placements for life skills training within schools.