Newsletter Spring 2015
By: aafadmin
Nov 10, 2015

Welcome to AAF Newsletter for Spring 2015!

Although we have not been able to personally visit South Africa and Kenya in these past months, we have had our daughter, Sarah, and her family visit our projects, and our other daughter, Jane, will also visit with her family soon.

We are in close contact by phone and email. Very detailed reports are sent to us quarterly by a devoted staff at Philakhle Wellbeing Centre.

These reports take quite a while to absorb, as so much work goes on in such a needy area. AIDS still has terrible effects and work is done to try to encourage people to be tested and then go onto life-saving medication. For many reasons this is hard. Medication requires supervision and is hard to take on an empty stomach.

So, as well as have an organisation of volunteers and workers to teach the need to be tested, take medication and avoid infection, there also is a need for a garden project to help people have something to eat with their medication. This overworked band of amazing women also has to visit and care for those still dying in ther homes. Then there are the orphans and vulnerable children resulting from this ravishing disease.

We are able to take some of these young people in the Value Based Lifeskills Program. Many different challenges are then met with organising workshops, counselling, classes in schools and weekend camps.

The reports we receive are filled with details of new challenges. Young people there live in a deprived world, but nevertheless are being impacted by the changes happening in the whole world. The pervasive changes wrought by new technology permeates indirectly throughout the culture. Mobile phones have become very common, even in third world countries, and these give an access to the internet to even the most naive and inexperienced young people. Violence and pornography, and other negative forces, bombard them. This can have a profound affect on vulnerable young people. They need proper values and perspective to avoid this having a detrimental affect on their

understanding of the world.

We are making an effort in our Value Based Lifeskills Program to protect these young people. We can only do this with your generous help, that we have so appreciated over the past years.

With sincere thanks
John & Rosalie Schwarz

Bayley family visit to Aid projects in South Africa June 2015 Below is a copy of the letter Sarah Bailey wrote to the people who helped her raise $8000 for books and other resoures for distribution to the students in the area.

It was exciting to visit projects that AAF support through Philakhale Wellbeing Centre in the Drakensburg mountains in South Africa .

Thank you for your support… We were able to visit four schools that are being supported by Australian “sister schools” and deliver much needed education materials. These schools are part of a project that helps teach value based life skills. We also visited garden projects where gardens are established for those most in need, and spent time with voluntary community based carers. Every dollar donated in Australia goes to these projects in South Africa. It’s exciting to see how so little for us can bring about real change in many children lives.

Ngunjini is Iona Public’s “sister school”. It was a privilege to visit and take much needed resources and gifts to the children. They were overjoyed to be given a ruler and pencil set, a small soft toy and a Caramello Koala
September Street Stall

A big thanks to supporters of our Spring Sale in Camden on Friday 4 September. The weather was not very ‘Spring’ like, but at least it didn’t rain! The home cooking was very popular and we had lots of other great items for sale. We raised approximately $800 for AAF