Newsletter Autumn 2014
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Sep 10, 2014


Welcome to the late edition of the AAF Autumn newsletter! The year is marching on and as usual AAF has been very busy. We have had 2 successful Mothers’ Day stalls which raised in excess of $1200. Many thanks to Yvonne and Glenda and other helpers, as well as those who donated items and did some baking. The winner of the beautiful hand-knitted rug was Bev Garrick. Our thanks go to Mrs Vivien Fayers for knitting and donating the blanket.

This month we welcome Noni Powell to our AAF team who is taking on the writing of the newsletters and social media.

In this edition you can read about the Cawdor car boot sale report, how one person raises money for AAF, the Philakahle Wellbeing Centre projects and an update on the tornado that seriously damaged the Emmaus Hospital.

Cawdor car boot sale report

Thank you so much to Cawdor Uniting Church who once again hosted the annual Car Boot Sale. Under the leadership of Paul Nixon and Heather Channel, over $3100 was raised. What a great effort which we are so thankful for. It was a very welcome boost to our funds.

Profile of a humble and faithful supporter

This lovely lady, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a long time supporter of African AIDS Foundation was asked recently how she managed to consistently raise funds for AAF.

This was her reply, which she has agreed to share, demonstrating that from little things, big things can certainly grow!

By –

Selling flowers from my garden to my students. Selling lots of craft/sewing magazines to my students. Selling lots of craft/sewing/& anything else that comes along. Selling embroidery trace linen to my students and donation the difference. Lots of little things really! Lots of amazing people help me, either donation or buying! I pray a lot about how we can raise money for children with no parents to look after them! When I first heard about the AIDS orphans with no adults to care and protect them and the work of AAF, I realized that I could never give enough money on my own. So after thinking about it, I prayed that God would show me how to give more than I could ever give on my own. I constantly pray, Lord show my how to help these children! I also pray for guidance and wisdom for the Board of Directors of AAF. What an answer to prayer! I know my Mum and lots of people pray for me as well.

What an inspiration for others who might be able to also raise some funds, remembering that a little goes a long way in South Africa and Kenya.

You can join in the fundraising efforts by filling different roles, such as, making or baking, selling or telling, serving on stalls or helping with the set up – every bit helps! When events are advertised you can contact John, Rosalie or Yvonne to offer your support.

Maybe you could consider making a regular donation, big or small. We would be so grateful. Just click here.

Philakahle Wellbeing Centre

Philakahle Wellbeing Centre runs a TB/HIV Integration Community Support Project. One of their targets is to increase the number of adults and children adhering to ARV/TB treatment through Referral Network Member’s (RNMs) household visits, monitoring, community referrals, assisting with food security, and positive living training. They have reported that there has been a pleasing increase in the number of people being visited.

RN’s use the information that they get from workshops that Community Support Projects give them, which make their work easier.

Positive workshop for the Referral Network Members

Story from an RN

“The 36 year old guy at Dukuza area who is in treatment and he stay in the house which is not in a good condition because the roofing is fallen inside, This house while is raining the water comes inside .He didn’t have any food so that he can take his treatment and he didn’t have any blanket he is always attacked by flu. The situation of not having food to eat made him to default because sometimes he didn’t take his treatment. After the Organization did follow up with Social Department they gave him a food parcels for 6 months. The client thanks Philakahle and RN for their support because now he managed to take his treatment in a right way at a right time. The RN also went to report the situation about the house to the counsellor, he promises to do something even though he didn’t mention the time.”

Emmaus Hospital Update

In March we reported on the tornado that hit the Emmaus Hospital, tearing off the roof and necessitating the complete shutingt down of the hospital and the evacuation of its patients. We are happy to report that within three weeks they repaired enough of the hospital to get patients back and open up the hospital.
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