About AAF

What we do…..

The African AIDS Foundation exists to raise much needed funds to support grass roots projects in South Africa and Kenya. AAF is run by volunteers who are passionate about bringing change to the lives of children who are facing a bleak future without help. The projects AAF fund are run by small groups of people who are caring for the ill, abandoned and vulnerable.

We are based in Camden, NSW, about an hour South West of Sydney.

Having worked for nine years as a doctor in a Mission hospital in the Kwa-Zulu province of South Africa (1975 – 1984) and then becoming involved with fighting the HIV/AIDS problem since 1999, Dr John Schwarz, together with his wife Rosalie and a group of dedicated local people have been raising awareness and funds to help alleviate the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS on mainly orphaned and vulnerable children.

Due to the network built from John and Rosalie Schwarz living in South Africa and AAF’s regular visits, we are able to work with local people who are struggling to care for orphans and others deeply affected by HIV. The impact of HIV/AIDS is immense and the local people have meagre resources. AAF can assist them with money, advice and sometimes volunteers.

We work with a number of organisations in South Africa and Kenya and have been thrilled at the cost effectiveness of this approach and the wonderful impact on the lives of many vulnerable individuals.

AAF has an active Board of Directors who work together to strive towards the above Vision, Mission, Objectives and Values of the foundation.

Our Volunteers

AAF is an organisation run exclusively by volunteers. They form the backbone of our organisation and contribute significantly by keeping company overheads to the minimum. This means all donations from the public are able to be directed to our projects in Africa.

Couple this financial advantage with AAF’s strategy of focusing our resources on selected communities in South Africa and Kenya results in the most efficient and effective use of every dollar we raise.