Board of Directors

Dr John Schwarz

Dr John Schwarz is the Founder and Chairman of AAF. John has a General Practice in Camden, in south-west Sydney. From 1975 – 1984 John worked as the Medical Superintendent of Emmaus Lutheran Hospital in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. John is passionate about Africa and helping to address the challenges it faces due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Whilst aware of the enormity of the problems associated with HIV/AIDS, both individually and socially, John holds a philosophy that help and hope can be offered to individuals; changing lives one person at a time.

Rosalie Schwarz

Rosalie Schwarz, wife of John, is a founding Director of AAF. Rosalie trained as a nurse and had a large involvement in community development programs in South Africa. Rosalie managed their General Practice business for many years and still has an ongoing involvement with it. Rosalie, a mother 5 with many grandchildren, is a dynamic member of the Board, having a vital part in maintaining communication with AAF’s overseas partners.

John and Rosalie Schwarz were both awarded Medals (OAM) of the Order of Australia in the General Division in 2013. These awards were given in recognition of their “service to international relations, particularly through the African AIDS Foundation”. These well deserved honours reflect the passion and dedication John and Rosalie Schwarz have to improving the lives of the sick and underprivileged people of Africa.

Bruce Willman

Bruce Willmann has been a director since early 2001. He has an extensive business background having held senior executive positions in large companies here in Australia and the USA. Bruce grew up in Papua New Guinea, the son of missionary parents, and this experience stimulates his passion to make a difference for the disadvantaged children and communities in Africa. Since he joined the Board, Bruce has had a major role in the administration of AAF. His wife Beverley also plays a significant role in the financial aspects of AAF.

Geoff Hoskin

Geoff Hoskin joined the Board in 2007. Geoff was the founder of Camden Signs, a successful local sign writing business that he has since sold. In addition to his business interests, Geoff has been an active member of the Camden Community for many years and this contribution was acknowledged in 1988 when he was recipient of the Camden Citizen of the Year Award. Geoff is an active member of St John’s Anglican Church and his community involvement continues to this day. Geoff offers AAF much needed practical assistance and support in the fundraising efforts.

Tina Geist

Tina Geist joined the AAF Board in 2013. Tina has had a passion for Africa and its people since her first visit in 1989 to Zimbabwe, and in later years to South Africa and Ethiopia. Tina is trained in IT systems and currently works full time. Tina contributes to the Board by assisting in the administration of the IT systems and in the fundraising efforts of AAF.

Jane Gray

Jane is the daughter of John and Rosalie Schwarz and although she  only joined the board in 2016 she has always been closely involved with AAF.  Jane spent much of her school years in South Africa and is passionate about the work of African AIDS Foundation.  Jane with her husband Matthew and their four sons travel to Africa as often as they can.  They participate in the Value Based Life Skills Camps and closely stay in touch with the leaders and interns, encouraging and inspiring them.  Jane is a General Practitioner at the Schwarz Family Practice in Camden NSW