AAF Partnerships

Partnership and Participation

African AIDS Foundation collaborates with African partners to actively work with marginalised people in communities affected by HIV/AIDS. AAF seeks mutual and accountable relationships with these organisations in order to achieve common purposes. Currently, AAF has partnerships with organisations and projects in South Africa and Kenya. Consideration will be given to working in other Sub Sahara countries at the discretion of the Board.

Want to Partner Us?

The process involved in assessing projects and establishing partnerships takes the following steps:

1. Application

Organisations requesting funding and other assistance complete an application. Depending on the activities being carried out by the organisation, the application will be for funds that attract tax – deductible status in Australia for community development activities or for funds that do not attract tax – deductibility (such as welfare activities). In addition, applications can be for ‘in – kind’ support or specialist volunteer support.

2. Acceptance
When considering applications, AAF takes into account a number of factors, including the following:

-Consultation by the applicant with their local community to identify community needs;
Determining the potential stakeholders in the project;
-Strategies to build on the capacity of individuals and communities to address the issues they face;
-The history of the applicant in the successful management of projects;

The project application needs to detail issues such as; Goals and objectives; Reporting and risk management processes; Steps for completion; Skills of personnel involved in projects; Any Government criteria that may affect projects; and Recurrent funding needs.

3. Agreement

On acceptance of an application, AAF and the partner sign an agreement. The application form is attached to and becomes a part of the agreement. For its part, African AIDS Foundation undertakes to:
-Give support and encouragement, and if requested, advice to the partner organisation;
-Remit committed funds in a timely manner;
-Remain open and honest about all dealings with the partner organisation;
-Work with people and organisations in a cooperative style that helps them to grow in confidence and build their own capacity to find solutions in addressing the problems they are seeking to overcome.

AAF requires from its African partners the following:
-Timely reporting on budgets and performance goals (see below);
-Permission to use materials such as photographs, videos and other information about projects for promotional purposes in Australia and feedback for donors and supporters;
-Appropriate accounting for the expenditure of funds provided by AAF.

4. Progress Monitoring

Based on a standard reporting format, a minimum of 6 – monthly reporting is required on the project via one of the following methods:
-Written report by the partner organisation;
-Telephone interview by the AAF Board;
-Visit by a member of the AAF Board;
-Visit by a delegate or representative of the AAF Board.

In the case of a telephone interview or visit, an AAF director will prepare and file a written report.

5. Completion

When a project is completed, a review is conducted for the purpose of evaluation. Further requests for funding of new projects will be considered.

The Application for Development Funding, the Application for Welfare Funding, the Standard Agreement, and the Reporting Form are part of this policy. Also please refer to the Summary of Supported Projects.

Register Your Interest

If you are interested in partnering with us and the work we do, please contact us to register your interest.