A Vulnerable Community in Need


Through a network of some 150 dedicated home-based caregivers, African AIDS Foundation and its African based partner, Philakahle Wellbeing Centre, are providing vital support for some of the most vulnerable people in South Africa.

This network of mainly volunteer women, are actively engaged in helping to alleviate the adverse impact of HIV/AIDS in their neighbourhoods, through:

-Establishing household vegetable gardens for the sick and neediest

-Conducting workshops on agricultural techniques

-Providing advice on family nutritional needs and healthy living practises, and

-Monitoring the use of medication for HIV and related diseases like Tuberculosis.

With your financial support we will continue making a difference for poor, vulnerable and marginalised families in Africa. Please give generously.

This very effective and low cost program is delivered by volunteer carers largely through home visitation. The resulting social support network, improved medication management and enhanced food security is changing people’s lives for the better.