HIV & AIDS in Africa

Understand the effects HIV and AIDS has in African communities today.

The story so far

From it's beginnings in 1975 to the recent Gray family visit in 2016.

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How many icecreams have you had in your lifetime?

Watch what happens when our interns receive a very special delivery...

“These children had never tasted ice cream. I have never seen so much gratitude in my life. They were in tears as we tried to hold ours back. What a truly privileged moment to be part of!”

-Kelly Harris, Volunteer


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About AAF

Across Africa, AIDS is responsible for leaving vast numbers of children without one or both parents. It is estimated that there are currently 15 million children in Sub Saharan Africa who have been orphaned by AIDS. AAF supports ongoing projects aimed at helping children and youth in mainly rural areas of South Africa and Kenya. These children live in a world where there are few resources and little aid to help them with the basics in life. They often live without a role model for guidance and may even live in a child headed household. Based on decades long indigenous relationships, AAF is able to work effectively with ground staff in rural South Africa in 4 key areas. Click here to learn more.